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Asociación Benéfico TENERIFE PUNTO MEDIA
  • Franshise

    For several years we have been preparing our own FRANCHISE in the field of charity. This direction cannot be called popular and in demand.

    But we have been working for 10 years now and we want to share our experience and give you some money)
    We offer cooperation. This is a hard and not super profitable business, but it makes you feel grateful from people and their children. It is not measured in money ...

    By concluding an agreement with us, you will receive advertising materials, as well as ready-made and detailed stage and organizational solutions in two languages. One of the goals of our association is to popularize the Spanish language and culture of the Canary Islands. It helps in organizing your events and makes your projects unique.

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Использование материалов и сервисов этого сайта регулируется нормами действующего законодательства Королевства Испания

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