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  1. Money for money is utopia The constant satisfaction of material needs very soon leads to satiation. To saturate and understand that we need to constantly grow and develop spiritually. To go beyond the limits of your own “I”, to pay attention and provide support to those who need it. People are not safe from sudden situations and difficult circumstances. And here it is important to come to their aid and show that they are not alone with their problem. A feature of our charitable foundation is the cultivation of internal support and mutual assistance.
  2. Русская газета "Новости Тенерифе"
  3. Talentos en Canarias 2017 - completo. Полная телеверсия концерта.
  4. Admin

    Talentos en Canarias 2017

    Talentos en Canarias 2017 - El Show completo - Full show - Концерт полностью
  5. Мемориал Лавкрафта
  6. Admin

    Film "COOL AIR" (USA)

    Cool air film
  7. Defile "Black collection" by Darya Mikhalchyk
  8. Выставка "Темный Арт"
  9. Admin

    Fun Art 

    Fun Art
  10. Admin

    Auto Expo "Retro"

    Auto Expo "Retro"
  11. Admin

    TATOO Design Experts

    TATOO Design Experts
  12. Admin

    Harley-Davidson Present

    Harley-Davidson Present
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